Called for connection, Called for ministry, Called for covering


It is our desire to give you information about this awesome ministerial professional association.

We are a network of churches, ministries and ministers globally that are independent yet connected. Our heartbeat is relationship and a desire to help churches and leaders to reach their ministry goals. We have a team of five-fold ministers who form a leadership council to assist in areas of counsel, encouragement and accountability to help ministers reach their destiny. We provide credentialing for licensing and ordination that will allow you to perform all necessary sacerdotal functions around the world. We provide a strong prayer base where each member minister is prayed for daily by a team of intercessors. Members are encouraged to send in monthly prayer requests that are prayed for on a daily basis. Other benefits include a monthly newsletter that keeps you abreast of any changes in the law for churches, ministries and ministers. Members can also take advantage of incorporating under our group status for a fee to legalize their church or ministry. Take a walk through our site and learn more about EACM! Join us!