Area Leader III - Open

Area Leader III

Assistant Financial Sec. - Open

Assistant Financial Sec.

Assistant Treasurer - Open

Assistant Treasurer

Auditor - Open


Bro. Curtis Heggins


1610 Alamo Tyler, 75701

Dr. S.L. Curry, Jr.

Special Advisor To Moderator

4516 Dundee Drive Tyler, 75703

Historian - Open


Rev. Don Ray Davis

Area Leader I

P. O. Box 4158 Tyler, 75712

Rev. Efrem Collins

1st Vice‐Moderator

P. O. Box 31 Lindale, 75771

Rev. John D. Johnson

Special Asst To Moderator

P. O. Box 22 Bullard, 75757

Rev. Kenneth Johnson

Area Leader IV

P. O. Box 651 Whitehouse, 75791

Rev. Marcus Jackson

Area Leader II

P. O. Box 847 Tyler, 75701

Rev. Stewart Holmes

Public Relations

P. O. Box 460 Winona, 75792

Sec. Sis Sharon Scott

Associate Recording Sec.

2814 Gardner Ave Tyler, 75701

Sis. Georgia Petty

Financial Secretary Sis.


Sis. Janis High

Associate Admin Assistant

822 Ashford Ct Tyler, 75703

Sis. Patsy McElroy

Administrative Assistant

2801 Staley Dr. Tyler, 75702

Sis. Ruth Morris

Recording Secretary

5424 Briar Cove Dr. Tyler, 75703

Statistician - Open


Rev. Ralph E. Caraway, Sr.


Rev. E. R. Murrell

2nd Vice‐Moderator

2101 CR 178 Flint, 75762

Rev. Charles Burns

3rd Vice‐Moderator

2501 Calloway Rd Tyler, 75707

Rev. Ernest Dews


114 Dews Drive Whitehouse, 75791